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General background

The Stage Center was founded in in 2002 by the theatre director Rivi Feldmesser Yaron.

The Stage Center is a non-profit organization with the purpose of providing professional artists with continuing education and training in the various Arts: theater, dance, music, cinema, television, performance, screenwriting etc.

It is a unique organization and the first of its kind in Israel.

The Stage Center was developed as a solution for the need of all artists to learn, develop and become updated.

The Center runs annual training courses, international master classes and provides a stage for new productions.

The Stage Center promotes innovation as it enables artists to get together and invent new models and interactions.

Among is alumni are numerous creators who have developed plays, TV series and movies scripts, during their courses or residency in the Center.

The model that we have developed allows artists to study and create at the same time.

The Stage Center also provides counseling to National and local cultural institutions.

It encourages professional artists to explore new fields and nurtures experimentation.

It provides a meeting point for professionals from different disciplines and promotes interaction and interdisciplinary collaboration. 

Our main activities

The Stage Center offers more than 20 Training Courses each year, led by prominent masters from Israel and abroad.

Since its establishment in 2002, the Stage Center organized 9 international festivals (such as StagEuropa) with over 100 invited masters from abroad (such as Jos Houben, Philippe Gaullier, Erik Bloue, Christophe Marchand and Thierry Morel). During these years, the Stage Center activities included over 5000 professional artists.


Professional artists may apply for a fully subsided 3-months Residency at our Center.

At the end of the Residency they are committed to presenting their work-in-progress and lead a workshop for the benefit of the Community.

Greenhouse Nursery for Writers

Once a week we open our Writer's Room for artists who wish to experience with writing (such as scripts, monologues and other forms).

This activity is fully subsidized by The Stage Center.

Actor Studio

With the inspiration of Lee Strasburg's Actor Studio we have established the Stage Center Actor Studio in 2009, where actors have the opportunity to play any role they choose and receive constructive criticism.

This activity is fully subsidized by The Stage Center.

Culture Leaders

Since 2009, we have held a yearly seminar for young promising artists who have the potential to become leading Artistic Directors in different Israeli organizations.

The programme is a collaboration of The Stage Center and the Cultural Institutions Forum in Israel. 

 Training Program

for Jewish and Arab cultural leaders

A training program developed for cultural leaders in Arab and Jewish society with the aim of promoting local culture

Cultural Heroes

A unique program for veteran artists who are part of Israeli culture but have lost their popularity.

some of them even face financial difficulties. The program, in cooperation with the Culture Administration, is designed to create a new stage for them

Stage-Center Team

Rivi Feldmesser-Yaron Stage Center

Rivi Feldmesser-Yaron

Founder and Artistic Director

אביב דוד - אודות.jpeg

Aviv David

Director and Producer

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